Your Secret Sauce – Why exposing it helps your brand

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Companies used to keep their secret sauce, well, a secret. You know, that particular thing that you consider your company’s competitive advantage? Do you tell everyone what it is? If you don’t, here’s why you should.


In a report by Wistia, a platform for hosting and creating videos, over 90 million video minutes were analyzed. They looked at the following types of content:

  • Webinars
  • Instructional Videos
  • How-tos
  • Promotional Content


Can you guess which type of videos had the most engagement? Instructional videos. In fact, instructional videos that were 3 to 5 minutes long had 74% customer engagement. Even longer videos (beyond 5 minutes) seemed to keep the attention of consumers if it was instructional.


Videos that show how to use a product/why it’s good are some of the best performers. Especially those produced by influencers. Influencer videos promoting a product performed better than videos made by the company.


What does this mean for your business?


Consider the main theme from these statistics. People want to be educated. They want to LEARN. They want to know WHY. They want to know HOW. Thanks to the internet, we are accustomed to googling everything we don’t know and figuring it out for ourselves. Instructional videos are a short-cut for research.


How can you apply these statistics to your advertising?

Make sure your marketing message tells these 3 things:

1) Why you are an expert - build trust with your audience with authentic messages about your authoritative knowledge.

2) Expose your secret sauce - your secret sauce is what makes your business special and distinctive. McDonalds first coined this term when advertising their Big Macs. They now list the ingredients to their sauce on their website. Even though we all know it’s Thousand Island, Americans still flock to eat Big Macs.

3) How you can help them - We live in a “me-centric” world. Customers are on your website not because they want to read about your business, but because they are researching how you can benefit THEM. So speak to their pain points. 


Remember, authenticity builds trust and engagement. Demonstrating a product's true value outshines mere promotion of your business.


And now back to some video statistics. If you’re considering making videos to promote your business, look at how many consumers stay engaged to videos based on how long they are:


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And yes, you’re reading that correctly. The difference between customers watching a 30-second video and a five-minute one isn’t all that much!


So if you have a lot to say, say it! If you can keep it short and sweet, do so. If you are speaking authentically to your target audience, he/she is likely to stick around and watch your message until the end.


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