What Is Geofencing?

What Is Geofencing? | SnapMe Creative and Photography

Target Users Based on Specific Geographic Areas

Have you ever heard the term geofencing and thought, “what is that?” You are not alone! Geofencing is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users at specific geographic areas. Using precise GPS coordinates, we can target people entering your competitors’ stores, visiting their favorite hangout spot and much more. With the increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices, geofencing offers businesses a powerful way to reach their target audience with precision, relevance, and context-awareness.

Why Should Your Business Utilize Geofencing?

  1. By creating a virtual geofence around a specific physical location, businesses can target users in that area with mobile ads. With ads that are relevant to their interests and needs, you have higher conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).
  2. A significant advantage of geofencing is the ability to retarget users with ads after they've left the geofenced area. For example, if a user visits a restaurant but doesn't make a purchase, the business can retarget them with special promotions or discounts to lure them back.
  3. Geofencing also allows businesses to track metrics like foot traffic and the number of people who return to their store after seeing their ads. Hence, it provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. With these insights, businesses can make strategic decisions to optimize their marketing efforts and improve their bottom line.

Overall, geofencing technology provides a powerful way for businesses to target, engage, and retain their customers. By creating personalized and context-driven experiences, businesses can forge deeper connections with their audience. Also, they can achieve greater success with their marketing efforts. With SnapMe’s geofencing expertise, businesses can create campaigns that truly resonate with their target customers, resulting in increased foot traffic, sales, and customer loyalty.

Is Geofencing Effective? | SnapMe Creative and Photography

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