3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Emails

How to Improve Marketing Emails | SnapMe Creative

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows your business to directly communicate with your customers. But with consumers receiving so many emails every day, it can be difficult at times to compete for their attention.

Here are three tips to keep in mind that will help you get the best results from your emails:

1. Create Mobile-Desktop Balanced Content

When it comes to email marketing, who you are sending it to and how they are viewing it is important to remember when designing and sending out your emails. While over 59% of people check their personal email on mobile devices, only around 35% check their work or business email on mobile.

Sending out an email optimized for mobile that urges its recipients to “Call Now” just doesn’t make sense if it’s opened on a laptop. On the other hand, if half of your email is getting cut off or images are not fitting correctly on a phone screen, you aren’t going to see the results you’re hoping for from that email.

That’s why a balanced email is key! Creating an email that is both mobile and desktop-friendly will ensure that recipients can easily read it, regardless of how they open it, and respond to your call to action.

2. Keep It Simple

Sending emails that are over the top with design elements and graphics might seem like a good idea, but there are a few main reasons to avoid this.

  • Your Message Gets Lost – Having an email full of graphics can be distracting to your readers and may even cause them to miss the message you’re trying to get across or make them even stop viewing your email all together.
  • Triggering Spam – Graphic heavy emails can sometimes trigger spam alerts, meaning your email may not even reach your customers!
  • Emails Look Less Sincere – Recent studies have shown that email users actually prefer more simple emails. They look and feel more personal and feel less sales-oriented.
3. Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to email marketing, quality over quantity is key! Consumers’ inboxes are flooded with marketing emails every day, so making yours stand out is important. Your goal should be to send out emails that are relevant, engaging, and timely. Avoid sending emails just to send them to hit a certain quota for the week or month. Customers are more likely to engage if you send higher-quality emails as opposed to flooding them with repetitive emails.

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