Put Your Ad on Streaming Services

How To Advertise on Streaming Services | SnapMe Creative and Photography

As consumers continue to move away from cable TV, it is more important than ever to advertise on streaming services. SnapMe employs OTT and CTV advertising tactics to connect with audiences across various devices including TV, mobile, and desktop. This approach allows businesses several opportunities to deliver their message effectively.

Why OTT/CTV Advertising?

  1. Reaches people who have cut traditional cable companies. As more and more people move away from traditional cable companies, it is imperative to shift focus towards OTT and CTV advertising. By doing so, brands can connect with customers on multiple platforms like TVs, laptops and mobile phones, and tablets. This connection leads to a wider reach and higher returns on investment.
  2. Served to a defined demographic, making the ads more personal. OTT/CTV advertising allows serving ads to a defined demographic, making the message more personal to the audience. This type of targeted advertising helps in delivering an impact in terms of brand recognition and conversion. These might not have been possible with traditional advertising techniques.
  3. Uses video and audio to relay messages in new ways. With the widespread use of video-sharing social media platforms, viewers have formed greater connections with visual and audio-based content. OTT/CTV advertising uses these elements to relay messages in new and visually engaging ways. Therefore, it creates a unique experience for potential customers and audiences.
Can You Advertise on Streaming Services | SnapMe Creative and Photography

With a large percentage of internet users relying on streaming services as their primary mode of media consumption, it is essential to tap into this market as a business owner. More than 71% of internet users say they use streaming services. If you are interested in growing your business with video ads, contact our team to discuss how we can help you deliver a compelling message that speaks to new and repeat customers.